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    Lvl 35 London
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    I already spend a good portion of my game time maintaining base, the thought that now ill have to check ALL THOSE TOWERS too, just makes the game feel like its getting to be more of a chore than actually having fun playing the game. The repairing and decay rate, as it is already, is time consuming. And now, another punishment for having a base? (yes, i say punishment, because sometimes thats how repairing feels lol)


    Lvl 160 Brazil
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    is bad idea


    Lvl 149 SEAsia
    Posts: 18

    Extremely bad idea. pls revert


    Lvl 170 USTexas
    Posts: 5

    Super extremely bad idea.


    Lvl 248 Europe
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    Plz remove arrow decaying :

    – There is no logic reason behind it : Where would go decayed arrow? It fall into dust?

    – People who will be hurt the most are newcomers, who don’t own big stock of materials & haven’t join a tribe already.

    – Towers have never been a problem in the game. Why change something that works?

    I played this game for hundred of hours, since a few years now. I wont lost more time to make arrow, to see them decaye, to be then raided by fucking trolls.

    This game could be great, but this idea is totally wrong. Plz remove it.


    Lvl 68 USTexas
    Posts: 6

    Firstly, all of the above is true. Maintenance is already time consuming and this will mostly affect new players that don’t have many arrows.

    It will also affect large tribal bases that will now have to spend entire days feather farming in order to keep up on arrow loss.

    Feathers are scarce enough as it is, and annoying to farm. But now not only are we adding more chicken farming to our already packed schedules, (which gives no xp, just a not-worth-the-time-afforded-to-it amount of feathers), but now my OCD will be wrecked by all of our towers not having a pretty number like 10,000 but instead a bunch of random numbers that we will have to procedurally check in order to keep full.

    All in all I can’t think of a single player this benefits, and while challenge is nice sometimes, this seems entirely unnecessary. I don’t know if these forums actually have any weight on the developers opinion but I hope they are at least read and considered.


    Lvl 7 USWest
    Posts: 157

    If it isnt broken , dont fix it.

    Revert the arrow decay please


    Lvl 100 London
    Posts: 9

    Hit or miss
    I guess the tower never hit huh
    Gives a doubt why wouldnt just DELETE THIS ?¿


    Lvl 85 USWest
    Posts: 7

    Yea pls it needs to be reverted
    The raiders r already strong ,by putting more towers we can just get some time against a raid no matter how many arrows u install at some point they gonna get inside and yea no one is gonna stop them if all r offline and now they r getting more stronger…..
    I like the animation part I wish we get more mob animations to make the game attractive amd fun
    Thx for fixing all the bugs and errors
    I like the rest part of the update
    I also wish if there were like common trade counters and if its possible make them as old ones which can be used in grass tiles too ( it helped the feather productions a lot,easy and so much fun)


    Lvl 161 USWest
    Posts: 6

    This update on arrow decay is super bad.
    It doesnt make sense. Now every bases even big or small will be vulnurable.
    It is bad for the oldies and newbie aswell. This update encouraging raiders to raid tho.
    Consequences, more will quit the game.

    Revert this.


    Lvl 10 USTexas
    Posts: 8

    There is no point in losing arrows every day, there are people who play every day and will keep losing arrows until one hour is needs to be converted.


    Lvl 94 London
    Posts: 14

    this will encourage alt banking absolutely everything… and only keeping a small base if that… maybe making people more nomadic…

    also there is nothing that indicates a tower is decaying like walls that show cracks… maybe if the lights in the windows went out at least…

    also… chaos already drain my towers…


    Lvl 94 London
    Posts: 14

    could someone explain what a “stagnant” base is?


    Lvl 184 London
    Posts: 7

    Well i agree that the update is awful but I don’t think it will harm new players. They will have to get like 2g worth of feathers a week, not the worst.


    Lvl 184 London
    Posts: 7

    I get the idea, they want to get rid of those giant bases that are unused but repaired once a week.

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