The Invasion is Coming + Quality of Life Patch

Within the next few days some of you may notice a new enemy skulking around the outskirts of your town. Orcs want to settle in your land, and while they are similar to Chaos in some ways they have their own strategies and goals in life. Their spawn rate and mechanics can be dynamic and you may notice them change over time. You might even find them building their own structures at some point. They prefer not to fight under tower fire so your base should be fine with the usual defenses, and if you engage them it will help to bring friends. While Galebrook is the main target, citizens of Wellington may want to make some preparations in the future as well.

Aside from the usual bug fixes and backend performance tweaks, here are other features of this patch including some nice quality of life changes:

  • New command: /carnlock
    Are you an ascender who likes to share your account, or live in a constant state of fear thinking you might randomly blurt out your password? /carnlock was made for you! When you are level 80+ and have 4 or more ascensions you can use this to prevent your character from reincarnating for 10 days. It can be renewed at any time.
  • When putting an item on a full pile that would crush it, you will be given an initial warning to make sure you intend to destroy the item before you drop it.
  • Sealed items will not let you place them on crushing piles to be destroyed, just like garbage bins.
  • More spammy chat notices have been converted into on-screen effects to reduce clutter in your chat box. This include notices related to smelting, cooking, fires, bandage healing, and potions.
  • When Chaos are a few days old they may have a mid life crisis and decide to teleport to a new open area in search of happiness.
  • Tribe recruits can no longer toggle tribe towers off or use the /take command. This should allow more flexibility in base design for some tribes.

Remember to be welcoming to new players, as you may need their help someday. The orc invasion is just beginning, but if they manage to get settled then it may even attract new types of orcs and you will have to band together to defend your lands.

All of these changes will be monitored and adjusted for balance as necessary. Have fun, thanks for your support as always, and see you next patch!