Maze Update and Logic Skill

This update introduces invisible mazes, which are randomly generated warp mazes that you have to navigate one step at a time because it will send you back to the beginning if you choose the wrong direction. There is only one maze and two completion rewards to choose from so far. It can be completed faster if you bring more people and use items as markers. Your markers can’t be picked up by other people unless you are in a party together.

A new ‘logic’ skill has been introduced which will improve the rewards you get and how long markers last before they decay. One of the rewards boosts myst gain and the other can give you a large myst discount on your Wellington repairs. Completing the lettuce puzzle can give a small amount of logic experience as well, as will other puzzle challenges in the future.

There is a new Dark Slime enemy which can be dangerous in some circumstances, as they can multiply rapidly when they are next to other slimes that are damaged.

Also in this patch, the Scholar’s Lens will show how many arrows are loaded into a tower. All rock type objects in towns have an expiration just like trees. The mystcost command now shows your serenity discount percentage along with any repair bonus from completing the maze. That’s all for now aside from a few minor bugfixes, let us know if you find any issues. Thanks for your support, have fun and see you again next update!