Update Status

We’re back! As some of you know the ML team had been in the process of moving across the country, but we are all set up again and working on updates. Sorry for the delay! Though we have been working on small things in the background and answering contact forms as usual. Here are some things that we changed recently:

  • Fixed bug where having the ‘quick’ trait made foraging slower
  • Fixed a method that still allowed logging onto nature tiles in Wellington
  • Fixed trading counters not respecting the item stack limit
  • Fixed inconsistent name capitalization across servers. Now it will use your original name on all servers. Contact us if you happen to have any issues with object ownership or would like to request a different capitalization.

Here are some other changes that were made live a while ago:

  • Fixed bug where plants could be watered before being planted
  • Increased upkeep for underworld and outside structures
  • Turning in place while taking damage will trigger stairs
  • Fixed some instances of ‘black screens’, such as when using stairs
  • Fixed a rare crash with Chaos
  • Fixed issue with diamond purchases while having a name with special characters
  • Players that are muted have their recent chat automatically sent to Admins for investigation so further measures can be taken based on severity and past mutes.

There is a lot on the to do list still, but one feature that is expected to come soon is server transfers. This is a much requested feature and will most likely be processed manually to start (with a fee to limit requests), similar to how name changes work. We are still working out the details but know that there may be some restrictions and that items/structures will most likely not be transferable.

There is some new mapping content in the works and some client features to look forward to as well. Thanks as always for your support and have fun!