Client Update, Arcadian Miner, Mythic Builder

It’s been pretty busy around here, but despite the new baby and my computer falling apart I was able to put together a few nice changes. In addition to a number of visual updates and quality of life changes, there is a new item which will let you repeat your last craft or build command and a peaceful mob that likes to mine in the underworld. The new item can’t be crafted so you’ll have to find it in treasure chests (or maybe the new mob drops it..). Read on for more changes.

Mythic Builder: Will automatically craft or build the last thing you made as long as you have the resources for it (doesn’t apply to knitting). This can be used to quickly place a line of walls, or since it works with the auto-swing feature, save your hand from breaking from too many button presses during a big crafting session. Has limited uses like a bandage so stock up if you can.

Arcadian Miner: Wont attack first, just likes to walk around and mine the walls. If you do decide to disturb him he wont be too difficult, but he does have a strong self heal if he feels threatened. Has also been known to get angry and destroy repair kits.

Some other changes:

  • Added a quick button toggle for PVP Damage to the character menu (works the same as /pvp)
  • Font size increased on all buttons for readability.
  • Visual updates to status bars, hp bars, and buttons.
  • HP bars for anyone other than yourself are colored differently.
  • Fixed the bug where HP could go outside the bounds of the bar.
  • Most mobs now have a simple attack animation rather than standing still.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would face the wrong way when attacking sometimes.
  • There is a ‘Lost Password’ link directly on the login page.
  • Diamonds can now be purchased with a link in game (no site log in required).
  • The Player Guide is linked from the help section.

Another change to be aware of is that now whenever a tower receives decay damage one of its arrows will decay as well. This wont happen too frequently thanks to the change that limits decay hits over time, but it will create a bit more maintenance for huge tower lines and give raiders a slight boost against stagnant bases.

I’m still working on some new exciting features and will continue making changes in the background so please report any issues you find. I’m also still investigating some reports with network stability so let me know if you have any helpful information regarding that. As always thanks so much for your support. Have fun!

Edit (bonus changes):

  • changed other player hp bars to be colored differently than mobs (your character’s hp bar is still green)
  • added /ping command which works like /fps, checks your ping every few seconds and displays it
  • moved skill exp bar down a couple pixels
  • fixed hp bars still going out of bounds on bandage heals
  • made it so beds don’t show hp bars for fully healed sleepers
  • repair kits can now load 50 arrows at a time into up to 3 towers in front of you
  • the towers must be repaired first, will be automatically turned on, and it wont take repair uses or resources
  • added /take [amount] command to get arrows back out of your towers
  • water buckets now get 3 uses of pouring before needing a refill
  • water buckets can put out fires (not fire pits)
  • fixed bug so pets save their stats through server reboots, now they will stay deadly after training!