Poison Patch

Hope you’ve been saving your poison extracts! This update implements most of the missing features for poison. You can now use poison as an ingredient in food dishes, and apply it to most bladed weapons. Healing potions have also received a boost, mainly for users with high hitpoints. As usual a number of bugs were fixed over the last month. Read on for more changes:

  • New item that can be crafted: Antidote. Removes poison after a short delay.
  • Poison Extract can be used as an ingredient while cooking (this can’t be detected prior to eating and can be fatal).
  • Spears, Daggers, Swords, and Axes can have poison applied to them while on a glowing altar or anvil (poisons applied on an anvil are weaker). Greater quantities of the extract extends the duration that the weapon is poisoned, and a greater power level of the altar increases the potency of the poison.
  • Healing potions now heal a bonus amount based on your maximum health (capped at 400 healing per potion, and the bonus won’t apply if you’re poisoned).
  • New green glow effect on players or mobs that are poisoned.
  • Equipping a weapon will indicate whether it’s currently poisoned.
  • Lensing a poisoned weapon will show the current power and duration of the poison.

Kills for food poisoning will be credited to the dish, so the killer will be unknown and gain no infamy (there are some protections for newbies though). If someone or something is killed by a poisoned weapon then the killer will take credit if they were recently in combat with the victim, otherwise the kill will be credited to the weapon. Bosses are currently immune to poisons. Here are some more changes in this patch:

  • Fixed having to put spices in one at a time for best results while cooking, can use large quantities at once now.
  • Fixed meal buffs lasting longer than they are supposed to. Now limited to 3 hours.
  • Caraway now gives a lesser speed buff when old, and shows a different message on use to indicate when it’s old.
  • Fixed rare instances of mobs such as raccoons and rats managing to graduate from newbie village after a long while (nice try, critters!).
  • Fixed an issue where summons wouldn’t spawns on tiles with items.
  • Fixed a speed issue with low level reincarnated characters.
  • Fixed an issue where poison wasn’t doing damage after re-logging.
  • Prevented rare cases of ‘ghost tile’ abuse.
  • Prevented rare Treasure Chest opening crash.
  • Brazil has now been upgraded to an SSD drive to help with server load.

I wasn’t able to finish up the client changes I’ve been working on this patch which would enable some new features and graphics (for decorations and such). I’ll keep working on that along with some other todo list items I’m excited to add. In other news we are expecting our third baby next month, just in case patch releases become irregular you’ll know why 🙂

Please test everything out and let us know if you find any bugs so I can squash them – thanks for your support and have fun!