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    I thought about “Top Skill” , and it’s almost like a shot in the dark…
    So, why don’t ADM’s update “Skills Window” with exp bars of each skills, or put them in exp order?
    It’s ordered based on blue stars exp(I know each one have 20k), but what counts for “Top Skill” are the yellow one and the exp you get along to the max level, so this could be what do order on the skill list.

    Could be interesting to have the amount of exp each craft have, after we click on it to craft.
    We know “The better or more material, more exp”, but what amount?
    Maybe knowing this alongside “Skill Window” upgrade, we could really generate the amount we need of resources to each reset, and not something random.

    **MAP NAME**
    It’s sometimes boring to fill our chat with a compass to know the map name, so why don’t add a “Toggle Map Name” to add it with ‘On’ or ‘Off’ on game?

    It’s nice to add information we don’t know of ourserlves, like:
    -Evasion Rate
    -Block Rate
    -Reincarnations (maybe – Level: 10(5) or Level: 10:5 )

    On “Angel Dust” could be :
    Angel Dust: 10/120
    and on final:
    Angel Dust: 60000/–
    Until comes and trait update.

    Have a label with:
    “Use ‘/reroll’ to refresh with quest with X gold”
    Better that than players doing it without know and spending gold just by using the command.


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    +2 on skill window, having to hit the reincarnate button to check with top skill, with no way of knowing the difference in xp between that one and the one I’m actually trying to reincarnate can get frustrating

    +1 on craft window, though knowing the amount of xp isn’t as useful as the one above and there’s charts for that now

    +0 map name, if there were more maps, maybe, but I think we all generally know where we are

    +1 character window – some of this is kind of there, but making it easier to read would be great

    +1 – knowing how much angel dust is left for a trait would be nice

    +0 – /reroll, just do this without gold to find out how much gold it will take, though having a confirm button would be nice in case you forget to drop all your gold

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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