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    Well just a little idea I had as a man who does have alot on his plate. If we take time to grind myst and build a home in Wellington . An idea I had if you ever need to take a break for like a few days or maybe a week tops . Maybe there could be a ” vacation mode ” our account enters and the decay on the buildings is reduced significantly .

    I thought of this only because I took a break a few days on USW2 obviously no one will invest myst to repair another’s home (rarely) . And now I have to start over pretty much after not being gone longer than a week.

    but anyhoo maybe this is a function to consider ??


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    Or just live in gale and have a friend rep it for you?


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    A hibernation mode or something that’s non-reversible, comes with a penalty to avoid abuse, and allows for a break here and there would be nice.

    3 day duration
    50% decay
    50% xp & myst gain
    Limit once per 2 weeks

    Also could consider x2 structure hp, but if so it shouldn’t be immediate as it’d be the automatic response to being raided.

    Numbers can be toyed with, or possibly allow an input for time away and adjustments accordingly, but this suggestion seems like a healthy and wanted one.


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    +1 or even just majorly reduced decay to account for the Myst spent?


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    I know this might sound radical but please hear me out…

    An entire server dedicated to non-pvp players, where you don’t get penalized for playing how you enjoy playing.

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