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    I think this idea has potential. just have it locked in a room in the center or one side or another.

    Also yes to boss in SSD, or the new map east of gale.


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    I would like to see rare mini bosses in uw, but only if you choose kill em or ignore and go deeper. If killing them will be a nessecary to go deeper, it will be sick. I more like to see new mini bosses at new or old pve zones like ssd, snow top or wolf cave.


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    I think, like many others, that it should be an overload to UW. I am a nearly new player and man, it takes like one hour to get to 40 and it’s risky as hell for me there.

    Maybe experimented players find UW levels too easy regardless all the things that they get there, which in one day they could make easily the value of all my things ever collected, but I don’t think it’s fair to make the game more difficult for new and new very new players.

    It could be a good idea if mini bosses starts in level 40 and there every 20 levels, or make some tank guy who appears randomly which could have a very low chance to spawn with slow but heavy hits which could drop a very valuable item for the level he spawn, like a book, many gold, upgraded equipment, etc. But nothing more.

    Another possibility could be add those things to wolfs, snakes or dessert, to give them a little more variety and where you can find certain items there (or at least, a higher chance to find them).


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    id say a big boss every 100 floors instead. Those who complain abt it being hard enough.. idk i mean i don’t see any difference between floor 90 and every floor after it. The only uw killer is lagg not the mobs lol. As per recalling on top of a boss though.. yeh no thanks XD. there would need to be a delay or something. like when you enter the floor you get a countdown to prepare. that way you could choose to slay it with a party or just skip it if your solo. I mean cuz i would not want to fight an SK solo while mind flayers and lichs fire. toss a shroomy in the background out o reach n i mean… rip..

    Though now that i think of it.. all i ever get is holes deep uw so probs woudn’t be on the floor long enough to kill a boss kek


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    Cool +1
    every 50 lvs sounds great*


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    Its just an option to fight the boss or leave it and go to stairs down. if boss is locked in his room would be great too, thanks Mallard.

    I agree with Aurum, there is no difference between floor 90 and every floor after it.
    And yes, i think its too frequent if it located on every 10 floors. every 50 floors sounds great!

    Also it only respawn only after server rebooting.


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    I think an ingenious idea even more with party system, so uw will not be empty, referring to these stairs probably the bosses are already ready, then it is only a matter of time until it is added. Mystera’s team is doing a great job.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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