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    Lvl 85 USEast
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    Just wondering what most people like to bring along armor and weapons wise. Do you bring potions? What kinds? Currently I’m comfortable running around on b50 with what I usually bring.


    Lvl 2 USEast
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    I use heavy armor and dagger and I do bring potions and aloe. People could debate all day about what the best armor or weapon is, they all have pros and cons and it’s basically all just personal preference. Most people use dagger for it’s speed or axe for it’s damage. Some use knuckles because they’re super fast but I don’t like them because they’re 2 handed which means no sheild. For the most part from what I can tell, how deep you can go into uw depends more in your skill levels and augments on your gear rather than the type of gear itself. Any armor and weapon is sufficient really if the skill is high enough.


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    Whirlwind is a must at deeper uw lvls because fo the mob concentration. Even with a sword you’d have to be surrounded to smack them all. Intimidate is also very helpful for me in tight situations as it can help u from being surrounded and make u able to attk mobs without them attking you. I bring like 50-80 potions and 150 aloe. I carry a bow and like 150 arrows


    Lvl 138 SEAsia
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    I generally go with a pickaxe ,mace and dagger. Mace for dopples. Dagger cus I focused on it. Medium armour cus i want the def but not the huge slow down of heavy. ropes,lantern alot of pots,carraway.

    Whirlwind and shell are a must deep. Who knows when lag hits, you need a panic button XD


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    I use dagger AND a light armor when i go to uw +50 it gets op

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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