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    Lvl 97 Europe
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    Brilliant game!

    What is the current thoughts on supporter perks that are not cosmetic?

    $7 Gift Token
    When activated contains random stack of rocks, mud, wood, or similar.

    $15 Trait bag
    When activated adds a random character Trait (…until character dies)

    $24 Golden egg
    When activated is replaced with some in game gold


    Lvl 120 Brazil
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    Dev has made the game a not to pay to win, but sounds like a cool idea.


    Lvl 65 Europe
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    All these Guys with their Pay to win shit ideas. The dev dont want the game to be pay to win and i (and a lot of others) are very happy about it cauz ptw sucks and kill a game. Dont be lazy give a try and see that you dont need such ptw helping stuff. If you like ptw buy you a finished account and be happy…

    The system with the cosmetic perks is cool cuaz it gives you some space for individuality but no advantage.

    Ptw advantages sucks so please guys stop asking for it.


    Lvl 50 USEast2
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    Absolutely not, no. We do not need pay2win elements at all. Aside from that, the Dev has said that he wouldn’t be adding any already.

    While more supporter perks would be kinda cool, they’d have to be non-P2W to work.


    Polar Bear
    Posts: 34

    Why would you WANT non-cosmetic perks? How to ruin a game 101.


    Lvl 111 Brazil
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    pay2win sucks , we in brazil don`t have money! nada acontece feijoada


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    $7 and $24 package already exists. Here is how:

    1.) Buy diamonds
    2.) Sell diamonds ingame for gold – $24 package
    3.) Convert gold from step 2 to resources – $7 package

    The $15 perk is reasonable; 1 extra trait isn’t going to break the game. I think admin should look into other monetization options; you just need to control how the general public perceives them.


    Lvl 135 USEast
    Polar Bear
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    -1 This is pay to win


    Lvl 90 London
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    Nah, what Penetrated said. Supporter is already P2W because people will pay gold for it. The gold obviously gets used to buy resources or gear. This proposal is more of a direct line to the dev, but its really no different than selling supporter for gold in game from a p2w perspective. The real differenece is in the macro economics of it. Since the gold has to come from other players with our current system, the game cant be flooded with gold, which is a major problem when the gold comes out of thin air. But from the perspective of the person paying the money, its all the same.

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    Lvl 7 USWest
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    So if I bought 3 months support will I loose it if I spend my diamonds I did not know this would happen


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    PlayerK after 1 day/minute/year making a lot of gold/items gives them all to a random player. PlayerK here had to spend time and effort to be able to do that.

    PlayerK buys supporters upgrade and as it is up to this date 20180706… …still no gold or any item that causes impact/advantage in the grinding experience. PlayerK gives diamonds to PlayerU. PlayerU doesn’t gain any advantage in grinding experience. PlayerU gives all his gold/items/altAccounts/AnythingUCanImagine to PlayerK… … … …so PlayerU grinds items/gold (effort in game) =》PlayerK pays for grinding effort.

    Hope this little scenario made the whole Pay2Win concept distinguished from what we have in Mystera Legacy. In this world there is no external disturbance when it comes to the grinding competition. No gold or item will be magically added to the player account. It has to come from the world itself.

    To the ones worried about this game turning into P2W… just don’t… dev or whoever is in charge will in the end do what she/he decides to (like we would). Enjoy while it’s worth your time. I’ll gladly support as soon as IAP (In App Purchase) comes out (mobile user who can’t use paypal) but I would never expect this game having the same structure in the future as the one I’m supporting now. If an update makes me uncomfortable or diminishes my enjoyment too much I take a break and go support another one (that’s how I behave in these situations but of course I understand and respect the idea of desiring a game to continue as was once presented to be).


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    Polar Bear
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    Definitely no pay to win. How about like PoE does where you can get a non combat pet? Or cosmetic tiles for building like flashing neon signs lol? We definitely need something since costumes became sooooooo expensive


    Lvl 63 USWest2
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    -1 i hate ptw games


    Lvl 85 USTexas
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    I’m super happy with the state of pay benefits in game. Pure cosmetics make this a fair game to all. The costume change may seem like a cash grab to some, but to me the previous system was dang generous. 120+ costumes free with status? UNHEARD OF. Now there’s a bit more personality to the system. We all know who the goat or dog or swan is on our server. Diamonds can be gifted, there is trading in play.
    This system is an entirely different model than other games where your money is a ‘membership’ for expanded content or ‘donation’ for items with stats you can’t find without paying real money or the newish concept of loot boxes and item packs since the turn of mobile gaming.

    If this game can sustain it’s servers on a reasonably priced cosmetic pay model. PLEASE KEEP IT THIS WAY.


    Lvl 85 USTexas
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    I feel like this thread has gotten enough negative feedback without my opinion. Not to bash on the thread creator-BUT, I myself and the majority of the players here all agree keeping the game NON-P2W is essential for the style of players that have any interest in playing these old school retro like games. The dev will continue to make a profit and grow his financial income allowing him to further better the game for his loyal community of supporters if he stays the course and continues to do what hes doing now.

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