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    !!!Before commenting read all and keep in mind that the values can be changed, those are just the values I thinked of!!!
    Ok, so I am going to count each suggestion (with a, b, c, etc.) and count each different detail about them with 1, 2, 3, etc. and with X1, X2, X3, etc. I will count subtypes
    a)New mountable pet:
    1. Name: Horse
    2. Starting stats: 250 hp and ~10 dmg
    3. Max stats: 2250 hp and ~90 dmg
    4. Speed: When he has 250 hp he has the same speed as a player with 1 exploration and each 20 hp added to its stats increases his speed by 1 exploration
    5. Location: Everywhere in underworld, just like dogs, but their spawnrate will be 2 times lower
    6. How to mount?: There will be a saddle which can be crafted with 20 hide and 10 wood, you select the horse while next to him and use the saddle.
    7. Can you fight while on mount?: While mounting the horse you will be able to fully control him, including attacks, so you can attack, but with his attack and damage and etc.
    8. Who will take the damage while in mount-mode?: Only the horse will take the damage
    9. What if your horse dies while you are mounting it?: You just get back on ground, like normal
    b) New type of weapon:
    1. Name: Shuriken
    2. Ranged or melee?: It is a ranged weapon, just like the bow but it doesn’t need any type of ammo and you don’t lose it when you throw it.
    3. Skill: Just like any other weapon (excepting knuckles) it has his own skill, and at each 5 levels damage done increases by one.
    4. Maximum range: 4 squares horrizontally and vertically
    5. Types of shurikens:
    X1. Wood shuriken usable by level 8+, crafted with 25 wood and adds 0 damage. It has a durability of 250 and a cooldown of 1050MS. Weight 250. At +1 level requirement is 13, at +2 it is 18 and at +3 it is 24.
    X2. Bone shuriken usable by level 17+, crafted with 30 bones and adds 1 damage. It has a durability of 350 and a cooldown of 1000MS. Weight 140. At +1 level requirement is 22, at +2 it is 26 and at +3 it is 30
    X3. Obsidian shuriken usable by level 23+, crafted with 20 obsidian and adds 2 damage. It has a durability of 500 and a cooldown of 1050MS. Weight 175. At +1 level requirement is 28, at +2 it is 33, and at +3 it is 38.
    X4. Bronze shuriken usable by level 34+, crafted with 25 bronze and adds 3 damage. It has a durability of 650 and a cooldown of 950MS. Weight 200. At +1 level requirement is 40, +2 it is 45 and +3 it is 51.
    X5. Iron shuriken usable by level 49+, crafted with 30 iron and adds 4 damage. It has a durability of 800 and a cooldown of 900MS. Weight 250. At +1 level requirement is 56, +2 it is 63 and +3 70.
    c) New mob:
    1. Name: Devil
    2. It will look like that: http://www.blockstory.net/sites/default/files/B_S_1024x640_2014-01-25_13-58-11_1.png
    3. Found in: UW 75+
    4. Stats:
    X1. Health: 12500
    X2. Damage: 600
    X3. Delay: 1400MS
    X4. Defense: 5
    X5. Myst: 2078
    X6. Drops: 1-2 Gold or/and 1-5 Silver or/and 1-10 Black Pepper or/and 1-5 Steel
    X7. Ranged or melee?: Melee, of course, he is already so strong.


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    There would need more be a way for horses to go over SPD cap or they would be useless for travel and combat since they would just be a minor meat shield


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    The shurkins should be retrievable once thrown, not infinite or else they would be broken but overall +1


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    I like all of it except the weight of the shurikens. I dont personally think they should be infinite, cuz then it would be the easiest way to beat melee pvp.


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    Sorry if im piggybacking on your post with this but new weapons would be awesome. +1 on shuriken.

    Ranged is underused. If shuriken were low mat cost could make them stack like arrows and be “used”. i.e. 1 iron bar = 1 Shuriken.

    + crossbows and bolts: 25% pierce base for ranged pvp (+g25 for 100% pierce)

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