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    Mystera is all about exploration and meeting new people and mobs and strategies and so much more. However, the Overworld tends to get boring with all the slow walking about we do. Sure we can have humming and fast and exploration but let’s all admit…it’s a little…meh. We have rafts which are amazing if you learn to steer and pilot them. Burdened people love them but not their old fashioned Ness. The movement makes them seem laggy, like a gif with a terrible rewind. I feel like the dev is capable of making then more smooth and want able since they are worth more than some cheap item coverer. In addition, while we are taking g about exploration, we need animals and mayvle more ways to use them besides farming. We should be able to ride them and they won’t be extradinaryly op and fast but still decently over a player. Horses, donkeys, mules etc. Would fit the olden theme of Mystera well and would mix well. This isn’t too hard to code in since there’s the code to have players move on top of rafts. Animals should also have maybe a storage unit sort of dealo as an animal of burden. While we are taking about animals…you should get infamy from killing a “tamed” one since I mean you would be “Iinfamous” anyway. This would deter animal killers who pride in your lose.


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    +1 to making rafts usable, it might be necessary to build permanent water ways tho

    Jousting would be fun, otherwise I’m not sure about wanting horses

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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