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    here some ideas we came up with that we think would be cool in some future updates( like new bosses, cutscenes like boss cutscenes from a link to the past, bosses that you cant solo, more exclusive items that u cant craft, new biomes and mobs, and a hardmode version of the easier areas like graveyard and sp/snake hazard.)two handed swords duel weilding daggers maybe some boss/mob exclusive weapons/gear with a rarer drop chance based on the +1,2,3 and maybe like some boots or gear that makes water travel easier, especially if a water biome/area was added

    what do u think of these ideas? there was a whole long chat on global but i basically sumed it all up here

    Here are some player ideas-

    Eris/lysanthe/Lucilla writes: Ettins who attack two different players simultaneously; multiheaded dragonlike hydra that attacks many, at range, but moves slowly; boss dragon Tiamat

    BillyDaBoss writes:
    Seasonal temporary bosses, Halloween boss on the week of Halloween, Christmas boss, etc.Drop rare loot that you can only get for a limited time.Like Halloween boss drops candy that you can eat, Santa boss, reindeer boss, Christmas tree boss drops candy canes

    Tato writes:

    Warden writes:
    @destic12 i think he should slowly start to make his own graphics. i like these ones but it would give the game more idependance. and NIGHT TIME i mean he even added candles

    Pls spread this around and feel free to comment your own ideas, id love for the dev to see the community ideas and potentially add some of them to the game!! Lets Make This Happen!!!


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    Most update ideas I usually think are crap. I actually like this one we would get more players. The day and night aspect shpuld be great since they adied in the candle things. Seasonal bosses I’d play more and not sell my account


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    i think an island map to the right of gale with islands that spawn gold rocks chest an scorpions that u can only get to with rafts an high lvl sea serpents an maybe a boss kraken an maybe a way to drink the wine in area by cemetery give exp buff but slow movement debuff maybe make buckets a 3 pour instead of one or make buckets stack and a loud cracking sound when something is ganna break i zone out constantly an break things

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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