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    What tier can i get Pengu costume for my pet??
    I am at tier 3 only. I want pengu costume soooo bad, want to make pengu army xD

    Currently have many random costume, and no pengu 🙁 sad

    Anyone know what tier and how many mm i should give to pet?

    Also why is so hard to get duck now after i get on tier 3? It was so ez tk get duck when i was still tier 2.
    Duck so cuteeeee. Also sand lizard too. But hard to get now 🙁


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    Tier 4, which is at 25% (I think, can’t check right now) and four mystery meat.

    The # of meat matches the tier group of pets. If you’re trying to get a tier 2 pet you would drop 2 meat, if you drop 3 meat you’re only going to get tier 3 pets.

    You get different pets from cats than you get from dogs, as well. There seems to be a base group of possible pets with some pets you only get from one or the other. You can’t, for example, get a horse or bunny from a dog, it has to be a cat, but you also seem to have a chance to get one of the things you’d get from a dog like caterpillars etc.

    There’s a guide that’s in progress in the wiki at

    note – if you are reading this and i’m incorrect on any point please reply 🙂 its a learn as you go thing, any help updating the wiki is also appreciated


    Lvl 145 USEast2
    Polar Bear
    Posts: 35

    Thank you!!!

    The tier 4 is on 30%
    Also cant find pengu pet yet.
    Tried dog and cat. But still zonk Dx

    Why so hard to get me pengu army 🙁

    Also is there any further update of my missing books? It was underneath plank right bellow my char, when i picked up. There was nothing. Checked all inventory and stuff found nothing.
    Idk if it was glitch or i made mistake. But now i Lost all books i owned.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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