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    could you add more npcs? maybe like a merchant? or a wood cutter or Fletcher? also i would loveee for mystera too have villages possibly. with homes like the noobie store. i saw a post along time ago about helmets and how they would go wood through steel and add damage reduction. i think this would be an amazing idea just saying. comment if you agree! 😀


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    At the moment 5 gear pieces (4 w\ 2 handed) allow cap of 25 glowing (75% pierce), 25 stained etc etc. & max +50 to skills gemmed, +25 attack & +25 defense gemmed.
    Helmets would be cool but extra 5 crit (would bump max crit to 54% lol), 5 glowing (90% pierce on WW3 excessive), 5 attack etc etc would cause imbalance imo.

    If helmets were added this set up would need restructured, or the helmets would need to be unique and their properties unrelated to runes & gems.


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    Gyatso makes a lot of good points.
    Helmets would be a nice addition but would cause imbalance if they could have runes/enchants.

    They would either need to not have those or runes would have to be nerfed to compensate for the extra equipment slot


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    NPCs, i think, should not become a thing. This is base on the statement by dev when he made this game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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