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    Many worlds exist past our extension of consciousness. One world we may indulge in, is the world of Mystera. In my ventures I’ve discovered quite odd things about this world, that seem to make little sense for a normal life.

    1.) We can choose to re-live if we die. Our bodies may get cut to pieces, but we can always return, feeling slightly weaker than before.
    2.) The concept of a day-night cycle seems to be missing here, eluding to a possible illusion of sunlight.
    3.) The compass we use identifies certain areas below us as “The Underworld” However something strikes me odd. IF the underworld begins at “Underworld level 4” Where are the other three levels? Quite simply, they’re above us. The Deep Cave, Underground, and the “Surface” of Galebrook. Mystera does not just have an underworld, it IS an underworld. A place of condemnation, punishment, and reflection of past mistakes.

    Won’t ever really feel the same knowing we’re living in a place for the dead to pass over.


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    Ive thought of mystera being the underworld just as you said in your third point.

    Maybe there will be new lore when the east town gets released, explaining more about the world.

    By the way, you dont choose whether you want to relive or not. Your character will be ressurrected even if you close the game after dying. Destined to live and die for eternity :p


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    Woah! Nicely done. +1


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    I love that !
    I do hope some lore will be implemented at some point …

    Or you know, I’ll just take yours as canon Firiga


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    @willhououin Lol, Id LOVE to make the lore for this game. Been on and off it for years. Im sure my creative energy would make a more immersive experience for some of the crowd.


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    Now i think all sad abt my mystera home *pouts*

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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