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    I’m having trouble finding information on how market square works..
    Can anyone explain fully?

    This has come about after I accidentally dropped my gold while running on mobile.

    And I seem to have paid someone’s account. This was not my intention. I was going to wellington on a shopping spree. Now I’m well behind and really annoyed. Mysteria legacy website guide has no clearly defined information on market square neither has the fandom wiki.


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    So the only information I’ve found so far comes from a very brief and not very useful mention in the guide which simply says (you can rent a house for gold)

    And apon scrying the internet a post from 2017 about the release of market square which contains the almost slightly useful information (you can even pay someone else’s rent)

    Nothing detailing where or how to make payments.

    Nothing regarding individual house rates. Only a scale something like 7-70g found on fandomwiki

    And by the lack of comments on this post.. I think few players have any idea how market square works mechanically…

    I highly reccomend adding a popup “are you sure” when it comes to paying rent.

    I’ve contacted to mysteria legacy team via email. And I cannot be reimbursed for this error resulting from a common bug for mobile users dropping items while moving (it’s a hardware bug) only solution is to add in settings “disable drag to drop”

    And yet I still have no idea how to rent a house or any other related information…..

    I was going to buy 3 supporter packages… but now I think I shall not. I LOVE this game but I cannot support it when it cannot return the support. Especially after I take time and effort out of my day to research.
    Make posts and suggestions to help improve the game.



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    You can rent a stall in Market Square when you dropped gold in front while no one else is renting it. You can only pay rent for 7 days maximum (1 week). After that, you will need to pay gold before your rent expires, or else your ownership of the stall will be lost.

    In paying rent, someone else can also pay for your rent by dropping gold in front of the door, without losing the ownership as long as it is paid before your ownership expires.

    In your case, you dropped your gold in front of the door of the stall that’s why your gold is used to pay rent.


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    But I did not intend to drop the gold.. the mobile bug caused me to drop my 64 gold spending around 30g on someone else’s rent..

    Which is unfortunate especially considering the building is owned by a inactive player.But I can accept the loss.

    And the lack of information is not helpful to new players

    Each building should specify the price of rent.
    Each building should specify If it is available.
    And lastly you should be asked “are you sure” when gold is dropped


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    It does.
    It does.
    Sure why not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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