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    So I have heard many people complain about this problem. I have also played games that has allowed this suggestion.

    We need a way to select out chat box and have a pop up window come up or a box in the menu to toggle on and off the spam that comes to our window. Case in point would be actions such as healing, or crafting actions, or actions from cooking.

    Also how about adding to our chat window a combat aspect. We see how much damage we hit for on screen why not add that to the chat window so we can look back and see how much damage we are hit for or that we hit for. So we can compare, not only would this allow us to test actions but we could find any bugs or problems with the combat system and report it. Also allow this to be toggled on and off.

    The reason for this suggestion is when you are doing some of these actions you tend to miss some of the good drama on the servers and many people know I need salt for my popcorn alot of times and hate to miss all the good drama.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Cool idea. we dont rly need for dmg tho. Damage is all simple math with a modifier. And at the end once you have your attack and ur opponents defence taken into account (if a player then glowing taken into account to) you simple add or subtract up to a max of 10 from the base. so say u do 100dmg flat after all gear skills and factors taken into account. that means ur damage per swing can be anywhere from 90-110 dmg. Thats the rng factor. crits is another story. its just a basic amplifier but im to lazy to explain it lol. cheers.


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    Yes, but how do you know if you dont have a log. That was part of the reason to have the log so you can see if it is working as intended. If it is bugged you need a combat log to see what damage you do or dont do.


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    Excellent suggestion. Nothing far-fetched and has actual utility! Would love to see both combat log and be able to toggle off Action spam in chat.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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