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    So I have this problem about books.

    I had many books before, then the war in my server was happening so I tried to move all my books to alt. It was all tier 2-5 books. I went to Wellington and dropped books there, in case of anyone around I dropped plank on top of it and walked my alt to grab the books.
    But when I tried to pick it up, the books went poof.
    Me and Dev already talked about this, however they couldn’t do anything.

    So I decided to grind for my self again.

    Is there any way to make it easier to find book rather to buy?
    I have 100questing. But I only found 5 tier 1 books since then.

    Help me out if you have good idea on how to get better chance of book drop.

    Thank you so much
    I would really appreciate it.


    Penguin Nation

    Eunri1 <3


    Lvl 130 USEast2
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    Btw it happened again today.
    I dropped my stuff before I left base so I can craft for someone.
    Not even 10 min.
    Dropped inside base but then it poofed Dx

    My account cursed? Or it’s broken?
    Idk what’s going on.


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    There is a bug that can make piles of gear disappear. I believe your first loss was probably theft and the second was most likely the bug. we lost some research gear too it 🙁 Since you were at war you might have been followed and hence your books were stolen.


    Lvl 130 USEast2
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    About someone stole from me, I don’t think it happened cause it was only me in my own base with my alts. Nobody dis me or raid me. Was freshly built base in Wellington with door and me and my own alts in it.
    Rapidly picked up was also gave nothing but disappoinment.

    Also, I played when player was usually only 5-7 xD cause I am in Asia and I play use2. Population at lowest when I get the chance to play. Only person who killed me was smoothrican and he apologized. I have no enemy. Not even the polar bear. I protect penguin from hornet. How would someone done evil thing to penguin protector xD

    I haven’t played much anymore since I lost my books and gears. I don’t enjoy the game as much since then. My member left tribe cause I rarely on, when I am the leader. I feel bad for my member cause I couldn’t be there for them but I have lost a lot.i couldn’t stand it.

    Today I remember what I dropped, like 20 exp dishes each 20-30min exp dishes and many gems and other RSS cause was just lanterned from uw. I remember I had 171 raw bp I just duped too.

    I’m glad I have separated bp so can try to dupe another more. Only thing that makes me sad is that I feel like my account broken 🙁

    It’s just sad in general.


    Lvl 125 USTexas
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    The way i came up with for you to farm books fast is to solo sk, and make a lv 60 act with 400 hp. The act will need shell, ww, dash, and hr. it will also need lv 60-70 dagger, hunting, and Armour. also lots of Pots. use this act to farm SM. Guaranteed book every time!!!


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    I have the same glitch as mine too. Ive had a Level 2 whirlwind that vanished in my welli.


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    Im not sure abt the bug iv enver had it happen before but i also dont drop stuff on grass unless immediately moving it to an alt. As per questing it doesnt effect book so thats why your not getting better results. It just effects gear runes and i beleive gem/gold chest drops but i never personally noticed that part. As per making books easier i disagree. If they were easy they would be worthless. And research woudnt be as worthy of a skill. no sence training to learn/retain books wen u can easily just get a new copy.


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    I lost my ores one-day and I didn’t notice it cause it was only small amount.
    My account being cursed Dx issooossaaadddd

    I disagree with making books. It’s worth the grind to find the book. But Dx sosad that I lost what I’ve worked, I never bought books for myself. I treasure what I have,I wouldn’t be that careless to drop my treasure on grass tile or open area which people can easy snatch.

    Thank you all, I will do make alt to farm sm. And I don’t know if I could kill sk by myself cause nomore gear left. Dx was decent back then before I lost it all.

    Thank you thank you

    Protect penguin!! All time!! And peace out xD


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    I’ve lost 4000 steel about 50000 stone and 30k flint off this bug as well it is a painful bug those items on my server go for steel 2:1/3:1 (2000g-1350ish gold worth) 50k stone 200:1(About 250g) and flint 100:1 (300g). I find it highly obnoxious luckily I’m rich enough to regain it but I still am not happy.


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    What about skill for crafting materials into books novella poetry and such being norm and magical books being rare to make


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    Same kommo same
    But gold doesn’t mean so much.
    I have enough resources and gold but the bug took away my other treasure. How could I be happy Dx

    I had 8ww2 (150g each or less), 2ww3(250g each), int 5,hr4, and some other tier 2-5 books. Dx all gone forever. All those I treasure them ever since I found them.

    Dev said they couldn’t track it. Nor do anything about it.
    It just once gone, will be gone forever.

    So unfortunate Dx

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