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    Hello Guys, many rpg games have system party, and I think that system is so good in a lot of questions, I made a little “Interface” to show how can be in the game.

    Party Button
    Party GUI

    – To make a party you need type the command “/party add [Nickname]”
    – Your party consist in Four Members that have the same level or 10 levels more than you.
    – When you stay in a party, your Myst and EXP will be divided by the number of members.
    Example: If i have 3 members in my party, and I gain 400 Myst per Monsters, I’ll receive more or less 133 Myst
    – If one member kill a monster that you don’t had hit, you’ll receive the Myst and Exp as your friend.

    With System we’ll can make a fun Hunt with our friends, because
    we can’t “Steal” the Myst and Exp from the same MOB.


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    Nice idea. It should include party chat too, like for SK/SM raid it would be convinient to notify all persons involved that are personally selected. /party add and /accept could be some of the codes too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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