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    Hey so I wanna right down a history of use2, specifically the formation of the roads and other server projects to help and who did and how long it took and also the big tribes and how they were formed and who ran them and the wars that happened and the convergence of said tribes. Any history that would be important, or the purge days or any significant pieces of history that will go into the little history I wanna right about use2


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    Before you right down anything you should spell it right. You wanna “Write” down the history of USE2.


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    Long ago, there was a war. MUI vs some tribe. (Dont remember the name) So, one if the tribe members betrayed his tribe, off the towers and break the wall. Then MUI with other guy start to build roads all over the storage. Only 1 person from tribe who defend tribe house was the leader. 2 vs 1. There was no chance for him. After 1 week or like that leader left the game. Tribe was deleted and tribe house decayed.

    P.S. Sry for my bad english :p


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    That was Teoah and the tribe was Maximum Effort


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    The are a few old tribes you

    Thunder legion
    7th wave
    Game freaks
    Might of avalon
    Maximum effort
    little tykes
    church of boof
    pretty much a few tribe that appear in the history of East 2


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    there are also tribes that merged or became rebranded

    legion was absorbed by 7th wave
    7th wave broke apart and became survivng light from the ruins
    calamity absorbed surviving light
    calamity became oblivion
    devils den and nine potatoes merged became baylor knights


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    Not all of Legion became 7th Wave. The main elders of Legion: myself, Gyatso, Docmurder, and Creager left and Church of Boof was born after kantmiss420 [removed by mod] turned Calamity against us elders I just mentioned because we said Matcha didn’t die of a brain tumor and Kant said we were disrespecting the dead. Turns out [removed by mod] we were right so Calamity pretty much ended Legion. 7th absorbed the [removed by mod] members of Legion who thought Matcha had actually died lol which was Amateras, shadowkitten, and Ranix. Pretty funny looking back on all this actually.


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    yeah boof has alot of history with e2 he knows the finer details that i dont
    then 7th wave died to the actions of one person his impact turned 7th wave into a server enemy


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    And none of yall even mentioned forsaken prodigies. smfh

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