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    We should have a server which any player from any server can join with his stats, lvl and equipped gear carrying over (read: equipped gear, not the whole inventory), but if you get murdered in that world (pvp) you get knocked back to lvl 0 (nothing changes in your main server). Carns would not exist in this world (blue stars become yellow stars) so lvl 0 is back to square one in all cases.

    Would be fun to play and an interesting experiment for DEVs to weight the future updates against (limit pvp as per the current trend or let it free for self policing).


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    also take off upgrades and traits too…


    Lvl 255 SEAsia
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    I like this idea +1 and felix why? People work hard for those and you’re saying to remove them? Hell if you take all upgrades out it would be retarded especially for pure ascenders since they wouldnt even be able to wear their gear sets pretty much making a hardcore server only possible to be won with reincarnators level 60 isnt even enough to compete even with max accounts and another issue with this is skill mastery maxed pvp accounts would obviously have the best advantage since if you’re skills are all yellows you literally cant do anything [removed by mod]


    Lvl 255 SEAsia
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    Even then how Zork describes it you wouldn’t even have blues like really how do you expect to play a server with level 10 capped skills? The only way it would be entertaining in your words Felix is if blue stars existed and even then it wouldn’t even be possible for ascenders to compete


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    Best idea ever . Pvp has been demolished due to most updated . Now the servers of full of just trolling .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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