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    So me and 4 more people from mine and different server already emailed the developer about this issue and he hasn’t done anything yet about it.

    So i decided to complain in forum as well so more people can email this [Removed by mod] gentleman :))

    Basically what happened is i died at uw 131 no one was on to try to recover my gear so we left it for next day, (by the way i lost almost whole set that im still upset for a weak after) so in my server u can count the people that can go that deep on your hand 3 of them at my tribe and 2 of them friends from allied tribe they all dived trying to find bone piles with my name and not single bone pile with my name popped up, after that we assumed i probably died on a floor tile, well guess what i didn’t because 2 people went and checked the whole floor multiple times and didn’t find anything.

    Some of those guys told me that they had the same issue in deep uw losing gear that doesn’t pop up on bone piles and after 2 months or so their gear popped up out of nowhere.
    Now a week later im waiting for devs response that probably will come next year, and ill mention that there was a donator in my server that lost gear because of different uw issue and 2 days later he got his gear back from the dev, so kind of him don’t you think guys?

    Anyway please whoever had the same issue please complain as well so we can be heard. Ty :))


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    Hi AccepT! I had actually sent a reply to your first ticket a week ago but later received an email saying, “Address not found, your message wasn’t delivered.” I see now there appears to be a typo in the return email you provided for both of your tickets.

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to concerning the dev returning items. There’s no system in place to reimburse items lost due to bugs or otherwise. Also we haven’t received other reports of your issue as far as I’m aware, but we definitely appreciate the details you’ve provided to help us solve this issue.

    Whenever I see a bug report or suggestions in contact forms, emails, forums, or discord I send them to the Admin and they get sorted into a todo list. Sorry if it seems like bug fixes aren’t coming fast enough, they can take a while for us to reproduce especially if they’re rare. There’s a lot of development going on behind the scenes, and higher priority projects can push some bugs down the list. If you find out anything else or can provide the names of players who’ve had a similar experience, please send in another report through the contact form so we can narrow down the problem and hopefully reproduce it. Thanks! 🙂


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    Malific died in uw when only he was able to get it back and there was no loot. he found it in random pile 2 months later.
    We talked with Kaios on discord about it and he said about similiar situation to Malific.
    Seems like this is pretty rare, but happens sometimes


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    I have to admit I didn’t think this was a bug.
    I thought if you died then there was always a chance that either other players or in game characters could take your stuff.


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    I see, i checked my emails and didn’t see reply on my message mistakes happen i guess anyways, to be honest Mr developer all i said above its heard from the player who claimed to had his items returned which lost duo death from quote “invincible mind flayers” also confirmed by ex tribe members of his.

    I understand that my claims could be also untrue because i wasn’t personally involved in that case, but this lost duo this bug cost me months of gathering nice gear mining gems for it and griding levels to wear it, i lost huge proportion of it in a single moment and dint have my right to try and recover it from deep uw duo bug existing for months, i hope you can understand the frustration behind all this and my desire to have my gear back. 🙂

    Also there have been reports about this when i spoke with the rest of players duo forums or emails, Malific from eu had the exact same issue and we both died at the exact same way dissed by ghost blade with max debuff from mind flayer, his theory was that when player die from diss from ghost blade the gear doesn’t know where to fall and stays frozen in limbo because everything freezes for a sec when a player dies, true or false its and interesting theory.

    Now as Sirrus said his gear popped up randomly in a pile with the gear of multiple players as Malific quoted players like Jenn, Petros, spit and so on.

    Thank you for looking into it and i just want my right to try to recover my gear now not 2 months later.


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