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    Hi, im here to ask the developers to change how digging works in general.

    All in all, digging is one of the hardest skill ever to farm (i tried leveling for 1 month non stop and got only 65+ lvls). And the higher digging you get, the less clay you will get.

    I think those 2 will need some rework (maybe make digging more easily leveled, or change how digging works) cause in some skills (chopping and mining, for example) the higher lvl you get, the more stuff you farmed (more chopping lvl = more wood, etc.) but not digging. for somehow, the higher you get, the less clay you get



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    +1 , or bring back the old digging water system so that when you dig next to deep water, that deep water doesn’t disappear


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    +1 halfbaked


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    The Digging System was changed because the old system was abused, By using Alts to farm, and so the digging system was changed into “Spread Type” To ensure no one can Abused it nor Alt Afk farm it.

    +1 for Increased Exp Gain tho

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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