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    I have recently started playing Mystera again and have, at least in some regards, renewed the fire and drive for fun. I still see some things that make one of the fundamental issues I had with the game still an issue and that is combat balance.

    I see the changes since I stopped playing mere months ago and its pretty good. I have a few ideas I have chewed on with another player and friend and we thought this was worthy of the effort of a forum post and the scrutiny that comes therein.

    Reworking of the combat pt 1:

    Change the flow of combat in one way by changing the way damage itself works. Instead of simply ‘damage’ import the classic “Crushing, Slashing and Piercing” trio. The weapons available currently within the game allow for this one change, along with corresponding changes in armor so you got me there, could revolutionize combat and make every weapon viable.

    The damage could be a straight up translation of current damage to most appropriate type for the weapon in question, like Piercing for Spears and Slashing for Swords/Axes etc or it could become even more subtle, an idea I love because the mystery of Mystera and its inner workings are part of what make the game so enjoyable.

    If each weapon had current damage values split up among appropriate percentages of damages, considering you can slash and stab with both a dagger and a sword, damages could be split. Spiked knuckles could do X% Crushing and Y% Piercing. Quality and types could make for amazing variance.

    Armor would have to change to also provide corresponding resistances to the damage types and overall would make a wider range of gear sets to be viable options in pve as well as pvp options. It expands the game in ways that lets future implementations be more thoughtful and fun overall.

    This next part is almost entirely from the mind of DaemonWolf on USTexas server.

    Weapons having an innate skill that the user can only have available if they have appropriate skill in said weapon. This suggested skill would also be one that cannot be forgotten.

    All suggested skills run on a universal system of 5s duration and 90s cooldowns as well as a comparatively high Myst cost.

    Sword: Increased attack speed.

    Dagger: %chance to attack adjacent targets.

    Spear: Next landed attack (within the 5s duration of course) 100% ignore armor.

    Axe: Increased critical strike chance ~10%.

    Pickaxe: Attacks act like Whirlwind 1 without damage buff, just 3×3 attack range.

    Bow: Next attack that lands (within 5s) reduces target movement speed by X% (~30%) for 5s.

    “The idea behind each of these skills is to supplement a weakness of the weapon.” -DaemonWolf

    Additionally as my own thoughts on these ideas, they also help reflect the time and effort required to even utilize the skill of the wepaon. Perhaps using a natural 100 skillgate would help ensure balance. I am just a gamer and not a developer so i will leave that heavy lifting to the experts and just continue doing my part as a gamer and try to productively assist the creative process.



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    Awesome wording and structure on this post. Much better than I could do.

    +1 to all of this

    We really need a better meta than “Club and Heavy Armor” (of which the basic math behind heavy vs light puts light WAYYYY better… but that’s another topic entirely)

    It would really add to the sandbox, build the character you want, feel of ML if we weren’t forced to specialize mace in pvp (which is caused by the player’s that believe heavy armor is best for pvp despite the math…)

    Also, I like the idea of having some reason to use a weapon other than just its stats and simple combat mechanics. I feel like there is some needed “meat to add to the bones” there. It would definitely add a deeper level of thought behind which weapons an individual specializes in or prefers to use.


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    I think pickaxe and spear should share the same ability as far as the 100% armor pen for 5 sec(assuming this effects only the weapon) and as ann addition i think knuckles could give a 10% chance to do a 1 second stun effect. On a side note knuckles are useless foe pvp. I had like 40 unarmed and went to atk a noob half my lvl just to have none of my atks go off as i followed hin with twice his speed. No i did not “miss” due to low precision, its just that while a target is moving the game rarely registers the target being close by. Knuckles only work in pce due to the mobs staying still or following u while moving.


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    *says light is better even though its not like a boss*


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    In addition, could be interesting to these bonus be based on weapon level.
    For an example:
    -Sword Increases attack speed:
    -> Lv. 20 = 0.2x
    -> Lv. 40 = 0.4x
    -> Lv. 60 = 0.6x
    -> Lv. 80 = 0.8x
    -> Lv. 100 = 1.1x

    So with this we could take off the vision that “Weapon level only gives damage and (fake)hit rate”.
    So bonuses according to the weapon level.

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