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    Lvl 130 London
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    Why cant i logon to london server says ip limit reached i havent even using other account or alts. Uwu my cats are starving


    Lvl 119 Brazil
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    If someone shares your internet connection they will be get as “same ip” on the game as you, also more than 3 alts should force this too.

    Try to restart your internet machine and close and reopen your game browser/application…
    Sometimes, just turn ON/OFF your own device/computer connection, also works…
    NOTE: Turn on/off your device connection even fix faster the “heartbeat” bug than wait to the game to turn you really off when it comes to happen.
    *HeartBeat: when you are kicked out of the game and try to log in, and they say “you are already logged in”


    Lvl 76 SEAsia
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    Based on experience, sometimes accounts sleeping in beds are counted. So, if you have alts sleeping in beds, remove them in the bed before logging in. Or, you can also use Opera Browser. It has free VPN installed in its private browser.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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