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    I think that there should be some way of protecting your farm animals, like maybe put in another animal that can protect the others like a donkey or llama, make dogs have the ability to protect animals with a command like “protect”, or make the animals able to fight together to protect themselves against wolfs and snakes.

    I also think that there should be some way to increase your dog’s armor and attack. I think this could be done by making some equipment that is special for dogs like dog armor, which would work like your armor. I think that they could have level requirements, like every 10 levels they can have a new armor that would have like +5 def, +10, +15, +30 and so on. You would have to repair it after awhile, and it would notify you in the chat saying “your dog’s pelt armor needs repaired.” For weapons, I think that there should be a dog version of knuckle weapons called “claws” that have level requirements for the dogs, like every 10 levels you can give them a new one, and give a +5 attack, +10, +15, +30, and so on that you can enchant later on. You also would have to repair these after awhile as well. I also think they should be able to train on training dummies to increase their level in weapons.


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    Dogs would be to OP then…… dogs already are strong enough if you put work into them ( my dog already destroys most lower level chaos without any issues)


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    -1 to weapons and armors for dogs

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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