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    Some of the account got hacked nowadays and this seems very common. This is so unethical in very reason. I would suggest one way to improve the account security as follow:

    Make 2 security questions (eg.: When is your parents birthday? or What is your cat’s favorite color?) in order to change password; email and in order to login into the game.

    Any other suggestions or ideas can be discussed below.


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    a simple token via email to confirm the change will successful


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    +1 this games security is horrible beyond belief. I would also suggest a “master password” or some type of security question to be an option on reincarnate so if a account is hacked it can not be simply reincarnated and then suicided to lose all the myst. This will not fix loss of skills but will fix loss of myst…. and honestly I rather regain all my skills than get my refund back to 37 million and a lot of top player I say would agree with this with the exceptions of maybe a few who have so many 100s it would literally be more devastating to lose 100 million + myst than to regain their skills


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    Every ‘hacked’ account I’ve seen (and there have been many) was voluntarily shared with another party who then changed the password and email.
    Make your password strong and for *****’s sake keep it secret.
    If you respect these two rules, your account will never be ‘hacked’.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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