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    Underpowered late game, due to the unrestricted amount of dragon scale fortification you can do to walls & doors. I’m not a raider but I had 92 base destruction at one point and it felt underwhelming and unbalanced. Even in non raid demo it takes forever, i.e. the time and effort it takes to build a trollish structure vs. the time it takes to demolish it. Wellington & alt storage leaves destruction even less useful. I suggest..

    – cap on dragon scale fortification to 1.8 million hp on stone wall (3x 100 construction?) & equivalent for doors and wood walls. (even 5x hp of 100 construction… just any cap.)
    – buff to bronze hammer’s speed & +destruction damage to make it better than bone hammer\steel sword. atm bone hammers do way more damage over time because of their hit speed, and proc xp faster. Bronze could get same speed & more damage to compensate. (bone seemingly better for Smithing xp too because of the speed.. not sure if smith swing is regulated like gathering)
    – addition of Iron & Steel Hammers with same scaling


    MS Housing is sparse and it seems like 1 guy will own majority of buildings for months straight. Have had times where theyre empty and not used but player hoards them. I suggest…
    limit 1 house per player. limit one month consecutive rent with cooldown of 2 weeks between months. more buildings to rent.
    (Folk will just use alts to rent, I dunno how to counter that. Alt abuse op.)
    Chance of catching gems fishing. *You snagged a gem!*
    Chance of spawning Mind Flayer fishing.
    Addition of apples & mulberries from trees, blueberries from berry bush.

    Addition of gear
    + silver chain (med) & decorative splintmail (heavy): silver based gearset, unsure on tier.

    Mythril & Dragonscale gear: (next tier above steel)
    + dragon scale leather (light armor. recipe: scales, iron, steel, gold, hide, gems, silver) edit: “scalemail”? unsure on name
    + mythril chain (medium armor. recipe: iron, steel, gold, gems, silver)
    + mythril splintmail (heavy armor. recipe: iron, steel, gold, gems, silver)

    maybe mythril ore & bars could be added. if Zinc ore is added, brass could be copper+zinc.


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    To confirm, smithing exp is swing speed dependent making bone superior as you stated.


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    I agree with it all but the dragonscale cap on fortified walls.


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    +1 to all but no flayers from fishing xd. that would suck for noobs or just anyone who isnt capable of killing flayers.


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    +1 on all besides new heavy and medium armours. We need a new light armour first.


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    Nvm +1 to all I see where you added the new light armour suggestion.


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    What the……………chance of fishing a mind flayer..


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    +1 but the Mind flayer thing and the fort.cap at walls

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