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    There’s a tension between extremes in having a carry weight mechanic. We will be able to increase the weight limit, but it would be fruitless if we could increase it so much that it becomes irrelevant–if we can then why have the mechanic at all.

    So alternatively in order to significantly increase carry weight in our load-out for particular trips, why not “give up” an accessory slot (or two) to do so? You’re sacrificing very useful stats for a competing advantage on a trip-by-trip basis.

    There could even be variants, an easily crafted version that adds say 2,500 to the weight limit, up to more difficult to craft versions (presumably taking dragon scales and/or gems) that would add 15,000 or so each.

    But a 30,000 total carry weight should be the lowest a target maximum could be given that the yield from 100 desert rocks alone would weigh 26,213 on average, not counting whatever else the player is carrying or picks up while walking.

    This approach preserves the meaningful nature of the carry weight mechanic while promoting a cost/benefit decision on the part of the player as to what accessories to equip and creating more extremely useful crafted items.

    And furthermore enchanting these satchel accessories in useful ways could also be an amazing small business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Especially since giving up +12 mining from peddler’s gems is a huge ~15% drop in mining chance.

    That’s a very significant sacrifice when the mining cap with a bronze pickaxe requires 71 mining, versus other gathering/processing skills that cap out in the 30s (chopping) or 40s (foraging), making bonuses for them much easier to do without.


    PS: I also firmly believe that a reasonable bonus to carry weight should be added to sweat catcher accessories to help people working on larger building projects to carry all the stone and clay. Probably about 5,000 additional carry weight each.


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    Hi Seryn!
    A weight capacity accessory sounds like a cool idea ^_^ When the upgrade features are implemented there will be a lot more balancing and adjustments to be made with weight and equipment. After that we’ll have a better feel for the numbers so we can work on more fun stuff like this 🙂
    Thanks for your suggestions, they’re super helpful! ^_^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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