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    I experienced this a week or so before ilmoncos issues, i should of reported it but it went away for me after a day of a few near misses, it returned for me a week later when i roped from uw 180 to 160 to find ilmoncos loot after he died to the bug, i suddenly got the bug again, somehow being back in uw 160 had given me the bug i had the week before when around uw 160 area.

    Things i found that triggered it are losing spells and learning spells, anything on cooldown when you lose or learn a spell turns black, its not a visual issues either. i was spamming the hell out of dash and ww for around 20 30 seconds and achieved no triggers. They get stuck on cooldown not just visually but literally.

    1 way i found of getting them back is swapping 1/2 2/3 etc and they all light back up and are usable.

    this nearly killed me last time i was in UW and i kinda quit since but not just for this reason but because i’m pretty much capped out endgame.

    I feel a few more myst upgrades could see me return, why crit (an overpowered pvp stat) can be mysted to 4 mil yet atk and def stop at just 640k ish? when they count for far less especially as mace and glowing ignore the defence anyway, theres definately another week or 2 worth of atk and def mysts viable. 1.2mil 2.4 mil 4.8 mil perhaps? maybe an attack speed myst upgrade that only applies to bows and fist weapons? to give us something else to toy with at endgame?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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