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    Market Square used to be a fun place with action where we could have skirmishes and fight for control or hubris.
    Now it’s completely dead because of the guard. The only thing you’ll find are alts parked or a ghost town.
    I get that time and effort was put into creating him but it was a bad idea in the first place to listen to nubs crying after getting killed once.
    There’s already a heavily penalizing infamy system and any area can be reached without having to pass through the center of ms.

    My two cents.


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    I think the problem is not the guard, but an update for PVP player, new areas of battle where it is difficult to escape and a better balance in weapons, and if the game is based on you only in Market squar then I think it is playing mystera the wrong way.


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    arena ruins needs an arena to the north 🙂


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    The point of the guard, much like any bad update is to bring suffering and misery to the vast majority of the players. While any update is supposed to look like it was targeted at the 2% of hacker’s, cheaters, exploiters, it instead targets everyone including good people.

    But given how MS is a constant war zone the guard does seem like he does the job a guard needs to do in keeping the peace in a place where transactions are supposed to be done.


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    Personally I like the guard, I think there should be 2 more added and a temporary boost added upon defeating one, something like a 60s speed boost or rare drops to give everyone a use for their introduction. Make the guards a boss for those who are infamous. 😂

    South MS has a lot of room for expansion it would just suck to get the wrong thing put there.

    Community training room?
    More Homes?
    What can really be done to improve Market Square?


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    SEA huh? Lol


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    its called pvpers camp in ms, so thusforth ur crying over not being able to kill someone for no reason. I say this is good, because newer players can actually go into ms without being fucking rekt by some random douchebag who is desperate for sin exp. It also helps to know that the guard in ms is making players take thier pvp sessions to stp. if ur complaining about ms being “boring” or “being a ghost town”, then ur in the wrong game mate. Galebrook is pvp for a reason, so “abuse” that reason. also as of this moment ur whining about not being able to pvp in ms, so noobs crying over being killed are right below you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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