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    Hello, sorry for the dev note drought – Just wanted to let you know I’ve been working on an update. It was planned for the weekend but has been delayed for a bit longer while I fix some bugs. Expecting it be ready sometime this week.

    Today I patched an issue with sleeping players not always saving correctly. It was a bug related to some recent optimizations that reduced the frequency of rubber banding. Let me know if you notice any other oddities with that.

    After this upcoming patch I want to release some more bug fixes and a UI update which should give everyone some more screen space 🙂


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    -Fixed a bug where towers incorrectly identified attackers as noble vigilantes when the tower owners had infamy.

    This was a side effect of another fix from a week ago where neutral tribe towers were attacking executioners. Let me know if there are any other issues with this.

    Thanks for everyone who sent in kind words about the recent updates. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to personally respond but I do appreciate it.

    For those who are worried about the rise of PVE focused players I just want to reassure you that I will be continually balancing the game to serve all play styles as much as possible. Things that work will be kept and things that don’t work out will eventually be adjusted or removed. The latest patch didn’t change anything with PVP, and the world will keep expanding with both white and green maps to explore.

    I do apologize for how slow things can move at times. I still haven’t been able to quit my normal job just yet, but I’m happy to be able to work on this game in my free time and keep it free to play for you all.

    Last month Google contacted me and said that the Mystera Legacy mobile app shows a lot of promise. They offered to showcase it for a period of time, which helped bring in a lot of new players. That time ended about a week ago.. so to keep app downloads and exposure high I hope to invest a little more time into marketing and developing for new platforms, alongside fixing bugs and working on the upcoming UI improvements. The exclusive costumes are showing promise, so if we can keep the game growing and improving I will be able to quit my job soon – and maybe even expand the Mystera team to get these updates out faster for you all. As always, thanks for testing 🙂


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    Going to be experimenting with some numbers for a bit and recording the results. So test things out and maybe sharpen your pitchforks ahead of time. Keep in mind all of this may be adjusted depending on my retention data.

    First up, now that Wellington is working well for it’s purpose I’d like to reduce infamy length considerably.

    -Infamy cap reduced from 8 hours max down to 2 hours.
    -Max amount of infamy gained in 1 kill (when at large level differences) reduced from 1 hour down to 15 minutes.
    -Combat penalties due to infamy no longer affect PVE.

    Don’t quit just yet fearful newbies and Galebrook tourists, I have changes for you too.

    -Death penalties for persons without infamy are reduced based on how powerful the murderer is compared to the victim.
    -In PVP, drop rates for lowish level players have been reduced a bit more regardless of the attacker.
    -Infamous persons have a slightly higher drop rate on death and have less defense based on how much infamy they have (does not affect PVE).

    This means very little loss and risk for the victim in unbalanced fights. There are various scenarios with different skill, myst, and drop rate penalties depending on the matchup. The killers have less consequences but increased risk instead, while the weaker players can be more bold.

    Also before any massacres begin, keep in mind:

    -Assassin XP is scaled down if the victim hasn’t been alive very long (a number of hours).

    There are other numbers I’ve tweaked for this experiment but I want to go over another big change:

    -Items no longer drop when burdened. Instead you lose more and more speed depending on how burdened you are. You also have a dodge penalty.

    This will show a visible ‘sweating’ effect on your character while you are moving.

    That about wraps it up. So don’t feel as bad killing that pour soul who just finished a mining trip and is limping back to Wellington, sweating and bleeding before you. But also don’t feel bad if you are on the receiving end, because chances are you wont lose much if anything. Who knows, maybe as a group some lower level players will be able to do some damage eventually. Either way I’ll keep an eye out and make adjustments if necessary.

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