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    Just after the reboot 15 minutes ago I drop traded a R set and some aloe/food to my alt to go train myst with.

    Part of the gear set despawned and I have I think I have extra meat/aloe back on Silexan. Before I traded the alt had empty hunger bar. The alt no longer has the meat even though I ate some of it and have full hunger bar. So the meat was traded, but now its gone.

    I dont know if I will get my gear back but this is mainly just to report the bug so it can be fixed.

    I imagine if someone lost an artifact worth 1000g+ it may be a real problem.

    Also, I drop traded the aloe/meat/gear on tiles in my base in Wellington. Nobody can get in to steal it. It wouldn’t have despawned. I picked up all my items and checked everywhere but my gear is nowhere to be found.

    It really did just “poof”.


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    Like he said.
    The server annouced the reboot (SEA) then I left UW, went to my room dropped my R5 gear + loot and then logged out.

    I log in after the reboot, and the r5 gear is completely gone.
    I get some spare ones somewhere else, then the server have another hiccup (As in, I got a sudden dc).
    Those are gone too.

    All stuff that was on equipment slot from 4 to 6 basically vanished 2 times.

    So… What I’m supposed to do about it?

    (and then, we keep getting new servers huh…)


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    One thing I can get slightly paranoid about is making unfounded reports. I checked my accounts and the floor of my base several times over before making this post. I was confident that an issue was actually there and I wasnt misplacing things.

    After I posted this, I went to look again for my items just to be SUPER sure, and guess what? More items have now despawned. I wasnt mad at first. I had just lost 30g in gear when I made this post.


    I’ve lost over 10X that. Over 300g in one day. This is my biggest loss to date.

    I want to stress that I am/was already the richest player in SEA. Likely the richest with 2400g gold and nearly 2000g in mats/gear/ect.

    I dont need more stuff, and I’m not going to lie to try and get more stuff when I’m already so well off. I just lost so much over some server hiccup bug and now Im mad.

    For those of you reading this, server reset no longer means a 5 minute break from playing, or coming up from UW for a bit.

    You should now take the rest of the day off when the server resets, or risk having what happened to me.

    From now on I wont be playing for at least a few hours when a server reset happens. I lost 300g in items/gear but theres no reason it couldn’t have been more.

    This really needs to be sorted out.


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    Thanks for the reports, I’m looking into this.

    Edit: Looks like most items were recovered. Not completely certain what the cause was but it may be due to some isolated testing of node 11 on this server. Doesn’t seem to be happening anymore after reverting to a slightly older version of node 11.

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