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    Forum Rules

    -Do not be argumentative or disrespectful to mods.
    -Watch your personal attacks. Keep it classy.
    -No reviving old threads.
    -Do not post lewd or offensive content.
    -Avoid derailing forum threads.
    -Do not post personal information.
    -Do not unnecessarily bump threads or spam topics.
    -No advertising (selling accounts, etc). Sharing ML related content is allowed but don’t spam.

    Since we are a free operation and have limited time and resources we may put certain forum participants into a moderation queue. This can happen during particularly busy times so it’s not necessarily a punishment. Though anyone who brings negativity, misinformation, is demanding, or reflects poorly on the ML community will be subject to this for a time. Circumventing this will result in further loss of forum privileges or more in extreme cases.

    In-Game Rules

    1. If you find out about an exploit, report it – don’t abuse it.
    2. Don’t use bots/macros/autoclickers to gain an advantage over normal players.
    3. No prolonged spamming of inappropriate or offensive content in chat.

    If we receive a report or discover that you’ve broken a forum or game rule (such as abusing an exploit or even withholding knowledge of another player doing so), then you may be subject to: Having your thread closed, post deleted, a timed suspension, level/dust/item loss, or even account deletion. Repeat offenses may result in harsher punishments. If you want to appeal a suspension, report a rule violation, or have any questions about the above then please send us a message using the contact form. Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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