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    There is an alt named Greaper13 camped at crossroads in usw for the past two days. He is blocking the road, but I cant push/dis him aside. 🙁


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    there’s only a couple hidden spots where its a single lane so I don’t see an actual problem here, its like when there’s a tree in the road, except that you can’t actually chop it down so you just go around it. if he is blocking something entirely, make sure you don’t have anything equipped when you try to push – even if he’s actively pushing back you’ve got a fair shot of moving him. getting more people to help push might help but sometimes that just maps people swap positions. if he’s actually idle I’m surprised nobody’s pushed him into the snake pit yet, I thought that was ‘the thing’ to do to people if they went afk near there 🙂


    Lvl 108 USWest
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    sorry, i wasnt clear. this alt appears idle and has remained in the exact same location for past few days.

    he can be selected, but clicking “info” has no effect.

    when i stand in front of him and cast dis, i get the message “there is no one in front of you.”

    when i target him and try to push him, nothing happens. i cannot push him, and he never tries to push back or respond to local chat.

    no, he is not blocking a single lane path, i can easily navigate around him each time i walk by that road.

    if i walk into him, though, i get stuck for a few seconds, then appear a few tiles past him.

    it is not big problem, but it appears to be a bug.


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    Additionally you can dash through him and you can dash on top of him, and any attempt at trying to move him is fruitless.


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    this seems interesting


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    already happened of a player to be invisible and afk in the coordinate 100,250 of the server BR, all that passed by him underwent delay and returned around 5sqm, soon after discovering the bug I was able to give disorient in the player and move it to a safe zone where not he would be in the same place as I left him. it may be something like that happening on your server.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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