The Castle has opened – with six new enemies!

The castle is the largest and most dangerous area we’ve ever released. There is plenty to explore with multiple secret areas and new challenging enemies. Credit goes to Kay for designing this grand location. You can find all the new enemies I created in the underworld as well. Read more about them below:


  • Nightmare – Don’t underestimate this as just an upgraded ghost, it gets stronger in various ways as you attack it repeatedly. Can be very difficult.
  • Fire Sprite – A weak enemy, but can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Upon death it explodes in a fiery blast which does heavy damage to everything in the area.
  • Assassin – This mob is fast and attempts to strike you from behind, doing critical and unblockable damage. Has the ability to dash.
  • Beholder – A frightening sight, this enemy is an upgraded watcher but moves and attacks rapidly while leaving a trail of deadly poisonous gas behind it.
  • Elixir – This is a friendly being, and when broken will help all those in the area for a whole minute. Especially your enemies.
  • Doppelganger – The trickiest enemy yet, it will copy your appearance, most of your stats, and all of your abilities when it sees you. It can cast any ability.

There have been some other changes and fixes as well:

  • If a loyal pet is selected then the ‘come’ and ‘stay’ commands will apply to them alone, rather than all nearby pets
  • The costume shop displays your current tier number based on percentage unlocked
  • Pets now show how loyal they are in the player info window
  • Fixed some rare server crashes related to beds
  • More incremental improvements to bot detection to keep the game fair
  • Fixed bugs related to stairs, fishing bait, and rented gates
  • Made some small optimizations – experimenting with delay fixes
  • Map fixes for the cemetery and desert to prevent blocked spawns

Keep in mind the castle is a high level area and not a green map, so bring lots of healing and levels. The castle boss is still closed off at the moment, but we didn’t want to delay things any further, so you can look forward to that in a future patch. Some new decoration options for your homes should be coming soon as well, and in between patches I’ll continue working on bug fixes and lag improvements.

Thanks for testing, and if you find any bugs or have balance suggestions let us know through the contact form. Now go have fun exploring and maybe bring a friend, it’s dangerous to go alone! 🙂