Exciting new enemies, upgrades, and fixes!

This is a fun patch with some new content and long overdue bug fixes. It introduces 5 new NPCs and 2 game changing upgrades.

The first upgrade is ‘Precision’ which is the counter to the ‘Moving Target’ upgrade, so you will miss less. Now every mob in the game has its own unique dodge and precision values.

Your myst now resets along with your skills and upgrades when you reincarnate. To balance this I’ve added another upgrade called ‘Lasting Legacy’ which allows you to regain a portion of your spent myst after reincarnating. For example if you spent 1 million myst over your lifetime you can get up to 70% of that back for your next life. This allows some flexibility for people to transition to and from ascension builds. So you don’t have to feel stuck if you invested in ascension, and you don’t have to feel like upgrades are completely wasted if you are focusing on reincarnation. More changes below: (more…)

New speed rune, sprites, and more

The new ‘Humming’ rune will boost your walking speed. With enough levels of it you can more than offset the heavy armor movement penalty. You’ll notice several new sprites as all the remaining NPCs with the old style have been converted over. Supporters will notice plenty of costume replacements as well.

There is a new dialog for the help button, and a credits section has been added. Fixed a bug where skills could go beyond 100 with equipment bonuses. Buffed rune generation chance for crafting. Improved the tell chat channel. Fixed a raft bug, and the overlapping music bug when logging in sometimes. Currently working on a new upgrade, more dust info, and a way to reset quests.

Custom Appearance Update

appearance_smallAfter a long delay I’ve finally implemented the new appearance system. Now it’s much easier to customize your character. You can use a color picker to select a color for your hair, clothes, eyes, and name. Supporters get more options for styles and colors. The resolution of these small pixel characters match the rest of the game instead of being squished looking, and should fit nicely on mobile screens. The clothes and hair options will be added to and improved over time, but this should be a good starting point.

The clothing style you pick is now independent of the armor you are wearing. For this reason no new gender specific armor will be generated (don’t worry you can keep your old dresses). If you want to know what someone is wearing for pvp purposes you can target them and click (more…)

Active Abilities Patch

abilitiesThis patch will let you test out the new active ability system. 5 abilities have been added so far, and they can be learned from books you find in chests or from defeating a boss. Abilities have a cooldown, myst cost, and book level. A new ‘research’ skill has been added that will increase your chances of learning and retaining new abilities. A new ‘academic’ upgrade has been added to increase your ability slots (you start with one). The current abilities and other patch details are below: (more…)