Winter Update

Winter is here! I’ve been pretty busy but managed to sneak in some content for the season. The first part of the new Snowtop Peaks area is ready with a couple new mobs as well. More content will be added to that later. Frostbite is a new area slowing ability which is great for pvp, getting by some nasty mobs, or trolling. Read on for a few more changes: (more…)

Pumpkin Patch: EU server, AOE repairing and more!

Kaylovespie here! ^_^ Our admin JVH is busy working on server capacity so I will be providing you with the latest changes. We have a new pumpkin head and farmer overalls for the Halloween season. Available to everyone in the appearance menu for a limited time! Added the EU server 😀 It shares account names but has its own stats and items. A separate leaderboard will be put up soon. Added AOE repair feature to the repair kit, which requires repair skill 10+ and flint in your inventory which can drain during AOE repairs. (more…)