Myst Upgrades

upgrade_dialogThis is a big one. Just when you thought you had the game figured out everything goes and changes. Now whenever you slay a monster you are awarded myst, which can be used to buy various upgrades like max health +25 or experience bonuses for example. When you reincarnate (now starting at level 60) it will permanently give you a 2% experience bonus, 5% myst bonus, and increase your level cap by 1. The blue star limit has been raised to 10 so you can completely master a skill now. (more…)

Reincarnation, Farming changes, Skill increases

newfarmingIt’s finally here after many delays. I decided to release this separate from the upgrade patch which will bring its own changes. Now with the reincarnation mechanic in place, at long last I’ve removed the level based experience reduction for skills. Now you will always get the same experience for an action regardless of your level.

Not only that but I’ve increased the experience for a number of skills to make it easier to get a high level in them: (more…)

Update: Logging out is back! Changelog below

bedCongratulations you filthy casuals, now you can sign out safe and secure with your items. This style of play is nice for people who just want to pop in now and then to level or see what’s happening without the stress of perma-login. You can still stay in game by logging out in your bed – necessary if you want to show on the leaderboards. You can also keep your items 100% secure with the new locks by risking a tiny bit of gold. See below for more changes.  (more…)

New Client and Large Inventories

client_betaAn early version of the new client is ready to test! It comes with a new theme, dialogs, support for large inventories, a built in d-pad, chat system, and more. Some of the graphics are still in transition to the new resolution so please excuse anything strange looking for now. We have a lot of new content still on the way. Much of this release is to prepare for the phone app and some new game mechanics that (more…)

The forces of Chaos are here. Reincarnation is on the way..

chaos_updateThe experimental Chaos AI can enter the world now. They are mainly spawned by players who dare to open the dark treasure chests in exchange for a little gold. Beware they are smarter than the average cow, but for the sake of balance have been limited in their cognitive abilities.

They have their own language and love to train skills like destruction, leveling up like a player. They may pick up equipment and make use of it.. and they hold grudges for life, so be careful getting on their bad side (more…)