Will the underworld fill the floor and concentrate on one place?

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    Generally, monsters and stones are not created in the floor. Place the floor in an area of about 80% on the outskirts. Then everything will be concentrated in the 20% zone. It will be possible to hunt and quarry more effectively.


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    I dont see the point on doing this, this only beneficts high lvl players and, even if everyone could benefict from this, its like asking the dev for free gold. This also makes UW way more dangerous and risky OR just a joke, letting low lvl players go into very deep floors without that much effort.


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    I don’t think you understood the question PoopLord, but the answer is objects and mobs will still spawn on floor tiles so you would have to place floor tile down and also drop an item on each floor tile as well to prevent spawning of objects. I am not certain however if this also prevents the spawning of mobs.


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    im almost sure that monsters wont spawn on floor tiles, but not sure about objects, long ago i floored 1 big room in uw 80 and nothing spawned there anymore that day. still there is chance that dev changed it for uw, didnt tried anymore, but if i wont forget bout it ill check 😀


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    Yeah I didnt understand the question and I took it as a suggestion, my mistake.

    I tend to see impossible-to-understand questions in suggestion forums, Im not used to having an all-in-one forum


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    Me and Edgy covered All of a B133 floor with floor tile and an item. monsters will still spawn in those tiles but it will force spawn all rocks gems etc to that 20% area. It’s how we did UW mining rows

    However you eventually encounter an issue with your 20% being covered in 50% more holes to fall in 50% more mercy statues and eventually recall tiles to which you cannot break. Causing the floor to become useless because of Static itemspawn Limit

    We had to change floors every 2-3 hours and retile the next floor with tile/items etc

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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