Why doesn't the game put me to sleep when my internet cuts out?

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    I know I complain a lot, but one of my biggest problems is the fact that the game doesn’t disconnect me when my internet freezes and disconnects. I disconnect a lot due to crappy internet, but when I get back I’m usually dead to a weak mob like snakes or something. This means that when I disconnect that my character is still awake and defenseless. Why doesn’t my character go to sleep as soon as it stops receiving a wifi signal? It for some reason keeps me in the game and its a pain in the ass. I probably die 3 times a day due to this problem. I get that my internet sucks but i feel the problem would be much less worse if the game disconnected me when my internet cuts out. I am on PC if it matters…


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    this happens to me sometimes too and it scares me.. what i don’t like is that when get disconnected, it wont let me log back in until my character is completely offline, which by then i can possibly die if i was in uw because i can’t fight monsters back. this didn’t used to happen to me before where i can’t log right back in after i disconnect, it would be nice if i can log back in right when i get disconnected from the game to prevent unnecessary deaths.


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    110% support this one… I’ve had so many scares. AND deaths over this sort of thing. Once the server stops recieving data from my side, my character should at least start the log off process. It’s a pretty standard feature in MMOs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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