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    I’m relatively new, and was planing on making a farm, but I would need to find a place to make the said place, and I have travelled forever in both cities, and either super minimal land or none at all.


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    There should be plenty in the north west of wellington… its just a pain to get too. In Gale i think south east just above the dessert has some. of just follow 250 road(when ace reopens it) ll the way right and go north. should be some there. you can also just figure out the way to get to 250 road around the barricade.


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    The whole northern part of Welly is big and empty just keep looking n u you find a good spot. Welcome to Texas 😁


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    There’s land east of 250,250, including north of 250,250 between the Fallen Angels (FA) base and the snow line. there’s still land east of the FA base, as well as southeast of the FA base. there’s is also definitely land south of the wood base (which is going to be rebuilt this weekend most likely) i havent ranged out too far lately but unless you’re trying to square off a 100×100 there’s lots of room yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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