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    I’ve been playing the game for about 2 years, after a while I stopped and now I wanted to start over with a new account, but seeing that the server I was playing was still very toxic, I decided to ask here what is the Friendlier or better server for a beginner, not that I am a beginner, but that’s the best question to ask, as there are so many people starting in the game and many of them are discouraged by abusive and toxic players. So which is the best server? ;-;


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    If you don’t troll or super irritate people texas is a nice server imo


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    I recommend the US servers or Sea They normally have the most people on.

    Keep an eye on the economy there and make sure there are plenty of sellers of mats (eg: stone wood,clay,) the fewer the seller the worse the economy

    keep in mind: servers are active on different times, so pick a server that is active when your awake or when your home

    p.s writing this for everyone sorry If I’m treating you like a newbie


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    If you want drama and blood us east 1 server is da best seller


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    gtfo R24 usw is so not toxic and… they all are lil girlys but if u want to be them go to usw but if ya want fun and play along war and all that go to use is fun 🙂


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    Log into each server on whatever their “Saturday evening” timezone is and see how active it is. Then make a decision based off that


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    Best server is where penguin queen lives


    Try use2 so many nice people there, well ofcourse there is also some trolls.

    Good things happens to good people xD

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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