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    As someone whos played these kinds of games for 19 years now, and have built and balanced and otserver, i find the current state of weapon balance really frustrating. I understand the game is “early access” and in development but there are some flaws in the weapon balance and armor penetration stats which i will list below.

    Mace or death… You can be 150 maxed out char with a dagger and a couple level 60s with clubs can kill you. While i support the mace being the pvp weapon I feel that other weapons need to at least work as a way of defending yourself against at least weaker players…. while club can still maintain its specialist slot.

    I feel the easiest way to do this is to make Daggers have a base armor pen of 20%, axes 30% and clubs be scaled back to 70%.
    What does this do ?
    It makes axe a viable weapon. it has a slightly faster attack speed than mace at a trade off of less armor pen. but with G25 can be 80% armor pen.
    Dagger again similar story, more attack speed less armor pen, and can ultimately reach 70% armor pen with G25 making it a viable weapon in pvp but giving reduced damage from WW compared to the axe and club making up for its slightly better attack speed.
    And club, why scale it back to 70% armor pen from 85%? atm it reaches 99% armor pen with 7 glowing, this means the gear ceiling for club is reached prematurely. and anyone using G above 7 is wasting it, with it at 70% its still a powerful armor penetration weapon but it achieves more from better glowing up to G15.

    Glowing is one of the most under appreciated runes, another way of causing a similar balancing act would be either to introduce leg and boot armor, this giving access to another 20% armor pen from glowing. meaning 70% is reachable by all weapon types, (although axe would still need a base pen to make it fill a gap between club and other weapons as a pvp option)

    Further more you could just increase glowing to be 3% per rune. giving G25 75% armor pen, making bows swords axes and daggers all viable to an extend in pvp, however this puts the club armor pen ceiling much easier to reach which is sad.

    Ultimately the club needs to scale back, and other weapons scale forward, or the game’s pvp element will just be mono weapon.

    And hammer as a 2 hander? man double all those damage statlines and double all rune counts to make up for no shield… then you have a niche for it perhaps.

    My 2 cents.


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    While i’m at it, potions could do with a better formula, something like 100+healing skill+half of character level. I feel like potions fall off late game and levels don’t give enough benefit to anything?

    Another formula could be 100+healing skill+ 10% of max hp to help scale them late game.

    I feel like cloth armor could do with attack speed bonuses too, to make up for its low armor, thus creating a bracket for “rogue” type players…. and of course there’s duel wielding daggers…. which further more supports a rogue type of player, this would simply add both daggers stats together and hit as 1 weapon. some balancing required of course..


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    Daggers work really well on light armor targets, but there’s not really any point of wearing light or medium armor. Heavy armor only lowers your movement speed by 100. That’s hardly anything. I think 250, and action delay by 300ms is far more appropriate. Tanks aren’t supposed to be fast.

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    I feel that heavy armor users shouldn’t ever be able to reach capped movement speed without the use of a speed buff dish since this not only detracts from the viability of light armor but medium armor as well. In my opinion the current state of armor makes the choice fairly easy for every player already, with low exploration you use light armor and with high exploration you use heavy at which point light armor is left behind and medium armor is never used at all.

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread a bit with some armor discussion too but these things are all related anyways.


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    That all sums down to low lvl light high lvl heavy. It’s hardly a choice.


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    Refit the structure to give a purpose / benefit to all?

    Bit tired so I’ll work out math in the later if there’s any interest. Will just drop arbitrary numbers in for general idea.

    Highest attack speed 10/10
    Chance to drop nearby / unequip opponent’s weapon and off-hand.
    Damage dealt takes a penalty depending on enemy armour: Light=5% Med=15% Heavy=40%

    High attack speed 7/10
    Deals extra durability damage to light armour.

    Slow attack speed 2/10
    Has knockback effect if hits floor as unarmed.
    Light armour=no protection.
    Extra durability damage to heavy armour.
    If blocked deals high durability damage to shields.
    Chance to stun.

    Mediocre speed 6/10
    Light=no reduction
    Medium=80% reduction
    Heavy=40% reduction
    Low chance to stun.

    Mediocre speed 6/10
    Extra durability damage to medium armour.
    Extra durability damage to non-metal shields if blocked.

    Medicore attack speed 5/10
    Chance for a block to be ignored – if so second check chance to unequip shield and redice durability low. Perhaps bring material balance into this.
    Penetration bonus against heavy armour.
    Upped durability damage on shield and heavy.

    Fast attack speed 9/10
    Damage vs heavy reduced largely.
    Damage vs medium reduced.

    Middling attack rate 5/10
    More likely to be blocked.
    Chance to push sideways.

    Slow attack rate 4/10
    Damage multiplier based on distance. If adjacent, *0.3
    If over 6 squares away *0.6

    Increases crit chance? Buffs effect chance and boosts in weapon skills? Ups minimum damage? Ups attack speed?

    High chance to dodge.
    Speed 10/10
    Shield speed 9/10

    Light Armour
    Chance to dodge.
    Speed 7/10
    Shield speed 6/10

    Medium Armour
    Speed 6/10
    Shield speed 5/10

    Heavy Armour
    Speed 3/10
    Shield speed 2/10

    Shield Block
    Blocks. Triggers attack delay on self if impact was from a heavy weapon strikes.

    All damage is reduced by % based on shield / armour and its remaining durability.

    As may have been noted my oblivion calls me but this kind of rehash would make pretty much every style visble to some degree and allow a lot more customisation.

    Assuming I’ve transmitted it all properly :p


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    From what ive seen and tested/Used Axe has 15% armor pen. and Hammer has 50% Armor Pen. where as Club has 75%.


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    I’ve been playing it for almost a month and enjoying a lot, but recently I discovered that we litterally have no option/variety in that regard… if you dont go mace, you’re screwed.

    What I want to say is… this is the single most annoying downer I’ve had with this game since I joined… I fell like I’m wasting my time focusing in any other weapon xD.

    Is the Kung-fu farmer faded to failure? Well… probably… I dunno… I just hope we get a “balance patch” at some point ç.ç

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    Yet i still have No problems in PVP keeping up with Mace Users, whilist im using axe?

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