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    a) New type of tool:
    1. Name: Drill
    2. Use: easier mining
    3. Types of drills:
    X1. Iron drill for level 60, craftable with 115 iron, 50 clay and 15 bronze. It gives +9 dmg, mining *1.25 having a cooldown of 800MS. Durability is 2500 and weight 600. Required level for +1 is 65, for +2 71 and for +3 77.
    X2. Steel drill for level 73, craftable with 140 steel and 70 clay. It gives +11 dmg, mining *1.375 having a cooldown of 800MS. Durability is 3000 and weight 750. Required level for +1 is 80, for +2 86 and for +3 92.
    b) New ring:
    1. Name: Digger’s ring
    2. Stats: It gives +5 digging and +5 repairing and also +3 base defense.
    3. Crafting: 5 silver, 3 gold and 15 bronze.
    4. Level requirement:
    X1. Normal: 20
    X2. +1: 24
    X3. +2: 28
    X4. +3: 34
    5. Weight: 25
    c) And for the best suggestion and the hardest to add to the game, we have a new very good pet:
    1. Name: Robot
    2. Look-like: Like a chaos, but small and instead of that red color it has grey
    3. Spawning: Galebrook, it spawns in a random place, 1 per hour
    4. Stats: It starts with 30 hp and can deal 5 dmg unarmed (the stats are so small because if they were higher they could become stronger easily and couldn’t die to wolves, so galebrook would be full of robots, this way they will survive if they are spawned in someone’s farm or if someone finds them fast). Each level up increases hp by 15 and each 3 level ups increases dmg by 1.
    5. Special about it: Like a chaos, it has some of the player’s skills and can level them up, also making xp for himself to level up. Its initial max level is 60, and then it automatically reincarnates and gets a new max level of 61 and also 1 skill blue star. (without xp bonus cus it would be too hard to make). When you use info on it, you get to see his stats and equipment, like usually, but there is also a button called skills and if you press it you can see your pet’s skills.
    6. Skills: All weapon skills, all armor skills, destruction, unarmed, shield block and exploration.
    7. How to use him?: If someone attacks you or you attack someone he will attack too and if you destroy a wall he will destroy too. It can use the commands come and stay too.


    Lvl 95 Europe
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