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    It has come to my attention that many of my friends in use2 have been complaining about how the action button is too big, we can’t pick up traps easily now, etc.

    Now, what I propose is make the action button smaller, giving players a small bit of an extra fov.

    2. Let the build menu always show up and not have to be accessed via the hotkeys menu.

    3. Let us assign hotkeys to items do we don’t have to mess up our inventory for it.

    4. Give us an option to slow down or disable the chat disappearing, due to the fact that it disappears alot faster than it should.

    5. Let us pick up traps again, you don’t have to make it a hassle to try and pick it up and re-arrange it.

    6. Traps get noticed by locks, meaning it takes up a stack place instead of something more important, don’t make the locks recognize the armed traps as items, as it is very annoying to have to change up where you place the lock since the trap takes up a stack.

    And that, is all I may bring with me today, please, if you like these ideas, give it a +1, if you don’t and/or want to change the suggestions, do tell in the comments down below.

    This is OFFTopic, signing off.


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    1. I agree
    2. I agree on that too
    3. I agree
    4. There is already a command for disabling chat disappearance /chat
    5. I agree they probably thought if it was not noticed people would pick it up like planks due to new pickup button but it would go off before someone could react
    6. You can put traps above locks but i do agree having to pick up trap every time we want to access a locked item

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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