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    This are very simple ideas for skills, some i really want to be implemented, some are just ideas
    1 – Shearing – gain xp on shearing wool from sheeps, higher levels means more wool

    2 – Alchemy – gain xp on making potions, higher levels means more powerful potions ( for this skill would need more tipes of potions to work)

    3 – Taming – gain xp on the attempt in taming mobs, higher levels means mora chance in taming mobs and more time the mob would stay tamed.
    – The tamed mob will fallow the player and help in combat, but wont last forever, after a certain time the mob will return to his natural state and will attack the player
    – Only aggresiver mobs can be tamed, cows, chickens, etc, cant be tamed
    – To tame Mobs i will need to have a specific item equipped and clik “use” near the mob (a whip perhaps).

    4 – Merchant – gain xp on trading items in the trade counter, higher levels means more chance on gain bonus items in the trade.
    – This would encourage comerce for players, and the ones who dedicate in level up this skill will always receive bonus items in all trades.
    – In the case of non material items like armors and weapons the player will have a small chance (depending on the level) to gain smalls amounts of gold.


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    I like the merchant idea.

    For the wool I think there should be an animal husbandry skill for breeding animals (needs to be worked out though). Higher knitting lvl should give extra yarn from wool when spinning. Now spinning is just a horrible waste of time and yarn is stupid because it is a 1 to 1 conversion and the only difference is yarn is heavier.

    Alchemy is not a bad idea either.

    P.S. obviously I (and I assume everyone else) still want alpacas in the game


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    The merchant skill would be highly exploitable, there’s nothing stopping a player from repeatedly trading the same item back and forth indefinitely. Even if this wasn’t the case, it would not encourage commerce. It would be just another skill for players to grind repeatedly in their base before they even bother making a purchase.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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