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    My last post didnt get any love, so I’ll try again..

    I use 4 abilities and everytime I lose one, I have to relearn at least 2 of not every single keybind for them all over again. I’ve easily wasted hundreds of Whirlwinds and Dashes and Shells because they switch places so damn often and I’ve died more than once due to not using the right ability after a recent relearn. Can we please have the ability to switch the positions or keybindings of abilities?


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    I agree. Would be good to have

    This happens to be also

    Also after you learn an ability and have a mix of I, II and III of that and other abilities, it’s easy to forget if you have a I, II or III learned in that ability.

    So I suggest having on the ability graphic box a I, II, III etc to let you know which it is.

    It’s frustrating not knowing lol.


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    Hmm.. test bump. (I really need this lol)


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    No need for Keybinds, just allow to Grab and move them of places.

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