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    Just me thinking of tribe battles for experience


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    Why don’t you guys just pop a Global Message ideia of create Two Tribes to fight each other in order to get territories??
    So, both of them creates the same size of the base in the three bioma(ice, grass and desert) each different side of the map, and the objective is “Raid the base and get the gem” , so the two tribes could be “Red One” and “Blue One” for an example…so there are already blue and red gem…
    But this thing requires organization to be implemented by the own players…

    *The rules could be “Red ones and Blue ones are free to do: PK, PK- steal, Raid… only to Blue ones, as blue ones to Red ones.”
    So with this, people will enter blue and red knowing rules.

    *What if a Blue traitor enter Red and raid it?
    1-First of all, there’s no elder on this war tribes, only leader, and the leader must say global any member it joined.
    2-Inside towers, walls and doors will be constructed by 1 alt only to both sides, and this alt should never be used online until the battle ends with a winner and start over, so with this, even if a blue member betray and raid his old tribe, tower will shut him, and after that, will red trust a traitor?

    *How to be sure anyone will troll and open the inside walls ignoring rules?
    1- As I said, all will be constructed by 1 alt(with preference an alt with 5 stars open and 50 construct to all walls have the same HP)

    *What is allowed and not?
    1- Dragon scales are free to be used as well gold, cause both tribes could farm freely until they find theirselves.
    2- War is “Blue vs Red” , so don’t take your lost battle against one person, to your personal tribe to solve, or even to your strong or manly friends. Votes can be done inside tribe chat to kick this player or suspend for some hours/days from war.
    3- Outside players from war raiding the tribe walls should be warned(if the tower let xD ) that it’s a war castle and maybe recruited(why not?)
    4- To be an organized thing, all new member should know the rules and all people will follow the rules (even the leader)
    5- No sided tribes are allowed to help.
    6- Resources could be dropped inside the bases, but it’s not recommended, because it’s free to anyone to take (in war times all resources are needed xD )

    It seems impossible, but there’s a good way to do a war like this on server…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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