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    Hello to everyone, I am a new player in the South American Server. I’ve been noticed by reading the global chat that will be a restart of all servers in-game. I don’t know if that’s real, and if it’s true, in what kind of restart consist.

    I am asking, then, for more information about it and if is not going to happen I apologize for the kinda waste of time by my part hahah.

    Thanks to you all.


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    People do sometimes make fake server reboot messages, but if you see multiple messages or feel they may be true just move to a safe area (like inside a building you feel safe jn) and log out and or wait for a reboot to happen. I’ve seen less of these lately but the developer has sometimes restarted the server to try to fix performance issues


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    That happened, but it was only a shut down and getting up the servers, so, essentially, nothing changed at all. Sorry for the inconvenience, maybe I will be asking more noob things that doesn’t appear on the wiki or I just can’t get in the point of them.

    Thanks everyone for the help!


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    server resets happen at least once a week, usually in the middle of the night so there is less people on, just also make sure you have no food dishes on a fire pit when a server resets, they will loose all added benefits

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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